morning sun

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April 2020

Album Release!

morning sun - the new album by shine Sally

25 years after the release of their debut EP, shine Sally is back with new songs. Following the independent-spirit, the members of shine Sally decided to record, mix and produce this album by themselves. 8 new tracks mark the dawning of a new chapter of the band’s career.

LP or CD now available!

December 2019

Coming Soon!

We hold the Mastercut of our new album in our hands – not long now!

February 2018


The Fire That Has Warmed Our Hearts

We proudly present our new Single "The Fire That Has Warmed Our Hearts.

Have a listen!

November 2017

Single Release!


Our new Single „Mirror“ from the forthcoming Album is out now!

October 2017

Working on our new album!

Currently we work intensely on recording our new album. For this purpose we have turned the rehearsal room into a live-recording-studio. Live recording, in order to capture the energy of the songs and our interaction as authentically as possible. Soon the first songs will be released here - stay tuned!

April 2017

New rehearsal room


Ready To Go: We revive the shine Sally sound with new songs. We are still writing alternative Rock-/Popmusic, composed with passion and experience. You can feel the tension and excitement in our rehearsal room which we little by little have adjusted to a live recording studio. A new chapter in our career with a new project lets us rise to new heights: to work on our new album. shine Sally 2017: we unswervingly pursue our musical way.


2016 the return: the return: Heinz Fleischanderl (guitar), Thomas Klein (bass), Ken Asher (drums) and Siegfried Bauer (vocals).

Between 2000 and 2007 we decided to go our separate ways musically. Thomas and Siegfried formed a new band. Heinz played guitar in a known local band.


1998 Amongst other things we participated in the Austrian-Band-Contest (by Rockhaus Wien). We achieved the fourth place in the qualifying round which took place at the Rockhaus Salzburg. In the same year we recorded another Demo-CD.


1997 We were performing at the Linz-Fest, thanks to the program planning of Kulturverein KAPU (June 1st at Stadtwerkstatt). „shine Sally stands for crashing but also melodious guitar, straight bass, massive drums and a voice pushing the limits.“


1996 KAPU-Sampler „Aufmachen“ contains the song „Rollercoaster“, which can also be found on the second release of shine Sally, the EP „Carpet“ (7 songs) - recorded end of September, again at CCP records. Roland left the band right after and Michael joined again. This interplay happened one more time in the following two years.


Contact with CCP records in Linz

1995 establishing contacts with CCP records in Linz: First EP „Giver“ was recorded in April (5 songs). Friendly departure of Michael Gutmann - Roland Mitterlehner joined us playing drums from October onwards.


More Gigs

1994 More gigs, especially in Linz and the surrounding area (e.g. Stadtwerkstatt, Kulturverein KANAL), but also at miscellaneous parties (Kepler Uni Linz).


1993 first gigs - like at Kulturverein KAPU (10.9.): „…shine Sally, who surprised without any prenatally anticipated euphoria. Dry, hasty drums, nervous guitar, plain and functional bass and bold, idiosyncratic vocals mark their style. Very, very good - hope to hear them more often in here.“


1992 band’s foundation: Heinz Fleischanderl (guitar), Thomas Klein (bass), Michael Gutmann (drums), Siegfried Bauer (vocals). For us the focus is on the music, the respective song. Clearly recognizable are the influences of the American alternative music as well of the British Indie-Pop. Over time an own shine Sally sound emerged, which once was described as crossover-power-pop.


EP · 1996 · 7 Songs


EP · 1995 · 5 Songs